Ray Lynn

Lead guitarist Ray Lynn was a founding member of the band, along with bass player Kevin Currie

They initially called their band The Reverbs, a reference to a popular device for producing echo-like effects on electric guitars

In the early days The Reverbs, and later The Rubber Band, held rehearsals in an old shed at the back of Ray's parents home in Rooty Hill, in outer western Sydney.

By 1961 Rooty Hill had started to become a dormitary suburb for commuters working closer to the city, but the environment was still decidedly rural, and the surrounding countryside mostly farmland. Ray's parents owned a poultry farm, and the cackling of thousands of chickens provided a constant backdrop to the practice sessions of the band.

The Rubber Band

Ray playing with The Rubber Band at the King George Ball, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, in the Queen Mary Nurses House Ballroom, on 9 October 1969. It was never a chore to play for the nurses, who were always an appreciative audience. Vocalist Les Murray is in the background, playing the tambourine.

Ray's parents had migrated from Poland and the family name was Lyszczyk. A fine traditional polish name, it wasn't always easy for their Australian friends to get their tongues around it, resulting in some 'interesting' pronunciations. Eventually, they 'anglicised' the family name to Lynn.

Ray and his younger sister Christine grew up in the peaceful country-like atmosphere of Rooty Hill farmland.

By the time Ray attended High School at the Patrician Brothers in Blacktown he had developed a love for playing the guitar and showed real talent on the instrument.

At the school Ray met Kevin Currie, and they discovered their shared interest in playing guitar. They wasted no time in forming a band, which they called The Reverbs.

Kevin's next-door neighbour, Ron Johnson, had been playing guitar with Kevin for some time, and became The Reverb's first rhythm guitarist. Ron later left the band to pursue other interests, and was replaced by Mick Csapo.

Ron Miles was their first drummer.

Ray Lynn

Detail from Rubber Band studio photo 1966.

Ray Lynn

Detail from Rubber Band publicity photo 1968.